I have been using GIMP as my main software of graphic design as a replacement of Adobe Photoshop for  more than one year for now.

I myself weren't sure that I can make a good design by using GIMP, but as the time goes by, as I spend a lot more and more time with the software, I think that my design quality is nowhere but getting better.

I mostly create pamphlets for activities of the mosque here in my hometown, at the first there is nothing much I can provide except playing with shapes, transparency, and colors, there is not even a drop shadow, or maybe gradient effect on a text.

Here is one of the example. Maybe it is not that terrible because I already get the idea of some design principles, like font choices, color combination, spacing between elements and also their size ratio.

Professional Poster design Using GIMP
My design using GIMP
Designing Using GIMP as Professional Tool
My second design using GIMP

This is my first video tutorial discussing my early design (the next version after the first picture) using GIMP, not the very first. It's in Indonesian.

GIMP Tutorial (In Bahasa Indonesia)

After a number of iterations and a lot more experiences, I shift my font of choice into IBM Plex family. There are a dozens of typeface I can choose from that font family released by IBM. And this is one of my design using the font, with a more brave bold colors.

GIMP Showcase Example -  A Professional Design Using GIMP
GIMP design using IBM Plex

How about Creating a logo using GIMP?

Honestly, I did some logos too back then before this, but the result probably is not as bold as the one that I just created. The logo of my YouTube channel you can see on the video above is also created using GIMP, even sadly I can't provide the .xcf file because my friend just shut the computer down before I have the chance to save the file (I only exported it).

And around the last 2 weeks I got a challenge to create another logo, this time the logo would be used for a school's social media account. The school is named Trensains so the logo would be for something named as Trensains TV, firstly used in their Facebook channel.

The challenge to make this logo is that it should have the element of for letter, the T and S for Trensains, and then T and V for TV. And there is one more requirement that the logo must be identical with the school's logo.

Create a professional logo using GIMP
The current school logo

It's a bit challenging indeed, even have no idea how to execute this, and there is no reference of logo creation method I read.

I just jumped to GIMP, and one thing for sure that I know is that the shape, and color must be identical, with a more rounded feature on the corner, because this logo will be used as a symbol of a communication media (the TV).

So after a couple iterations I came up with this final version, which provide a good visibility of the text below the logo even if it will be used in a live video.

Professional Logo Creation using GIMP
Final Logo made in GIMP

Very identical right? Except for the central part which looks more like a diamond, said the owner. And the T is shaped by the solid dark blue color, while the S is shaped using the ribbons inside it. Another T is mimicked by the soft blue gradient at the top, while the V is represented by the honey-colored gradient at the bottom, so they both arranged as TV.

I felt satisfied by this final logo, so do the owner of the brand.

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